Buy Krachai Dam $18.5 for 100 capsules

Buy Krachai Dam/Black Ginger

Here you can purchase the latest harvest of (i.e. “the freshest”) Krachai Dam / Black Ginger.
Each bottle contains 100 capsules of at least 500 mg of dried and powdered herb / root.

Our activity will cease next week. Please hurry up and order your Black Ginger Now, there would be no sales in September 2019. Order of 4 cans of Black Ginger will get 1 can of Butea Superba free. Have a nice day and stay healthy!

How to use it: take 2-3 capsules daily with meal. That’s all. No special routine, no add this don’t add that. Just keep in mind that Black Ginger is very bitter so take it in capsules. Although some locals mix Krachai Dam with alcohol (such rice wine or brandy) we do not encourage to do so – it will increase effect of alcohol and make Black Ginger less effective.

Buy Krachai Dam

Side effect: not known at present, unless taken in massive doses might cause stomach irritation.
Overdose abuse: Very unlikely – it is herb after all, it is mild.
ED: this is not a certain “blue pill”, the effect from Krachai Dam is developing in the vascular system and not immediate. Please take it for some  time. Tip: add into your morning coffee or tea.
Elderly: add to daily diet as recommended by Traditional Asian medicine. A bottle of 100 capsules should be sufficient for a month.

You will notice changes quite soon, we suggest to have few cans (bottles) of Krachai Dam as a household supplement. With best regards and wish you all great health!

Buy Krachai Dam Black Ginger