Krachai Dam helps with Cold Hands and Feet

Krachai Dam helps with cold extremities very well.

Simply it helps those time blood vessels to bring blood to even most remote and little parts of the body.

How does it feel?

If you ever had an experience with alcohol shot in cold winter time, when suddenly warmth spreads over your body, reaching from stomach to the whole body? Something similar but without that warm wave and burning sensation in the stomach. You begin to feel warmth, but not sweaty, not feverishly hot. Simple warmth due to the blood reaches farther parts of the body.

Is it dangerous?

Not, unless you’re diagnosed with severe heart problems, inflammation, being treated with antibiotics, blood medications, neurological traumas or pregnant. Although it is a tradition in South-Eastern Asia to mix Krachai Dam with alcohol, better don’t do it.

Who should use it?

Obviously anybody with “Cold Hands and Feet” will benefit from Krachai Dam. If your doctor found that your condition caused buy weaker blood flow at extremities why not give a try to Natural and Organic product before they will start prescribe you chemical medications with sound brand names and unknown side effects.

After all, the history of Krachai Dam goes back into centuries